Benefits of proper nutrition through foods and supplements

Integrating Western medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and functional nutritional supplements may help to enhance your health and balance by:

boosting brain function and memory
improving energy level, libido and fertility
enhancing immunity
? stress effects on your physical and emotional well being
? high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart palpitations, etc.
? high glucose level in diabetes and pre-diabetes
? arthritis, tendonitis, and other musculoskeletal pain (carpel tunnel, plantar faciatis, low back pain, gout, etc.)
? poor memory, problems with attention or focus
? insomnia, fatigue, fibromyalgia
? GERD reflex/heartburn, irritable bowl syndrome, constipation, hemoriods
? migraines, tension headaches,
? PMS, menstrual pain or irregularities, menopause symptoms, loss of bone density

Please note that the effectiveness of most natural nutritional supplements has not been evaluated by the FDA. Therefore, the above statements are based largely on Dr. Yang?s research and on clinical observations of outcomes of many patients over the past 10 years. This is mentioned here only for those patients who are interested in such information.

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